Schiller- FRED Easyport Plus

Schiller- FRED Easyport Plus

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The new FRED Easyport Plus will come to be known for being equally light and compact with state-of-the-art technology.

Still incredibly light, the FRED Easyport Plus offers the user full energy defibrillation, large colour screen, intuitive paediatric capability and simple to follow CPR feedback, to name just a few of the amazing features now available.

Weighing less than 1kg with batteries and accessories, the FRED Easyport Plus is ready for all scenarios, in all environments.

Features include:

  • 200 J defibrillation
  • CPR Feedback
  • Metronome
  • Preconnected defib electrodes/pads
  • Paediatric Mode
  • Automatic Self-Tests
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • 8 Hours of memory

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