Reconditioned Defibrillators

Refurbished AED Devices

We stock refurbished AEDs from top manufacturers. These pre-owned automated external defibrillators offer the same quality and dependability as our new inventory, but at an even lower price.

Every Refurbished AED comes Guaranteed for peace of mind.

You can buy pre-owned AEDs from us with confidence knowing that each device in our inventory comes with a minimum 3-year warranty, guaranteed. Most resellers only offer protection for one year or less on their refurbished AEDs, but we are able to offer much greater peace of mind.

Are Refurbished AEDs Good?

Yes. They are just as good at helping Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims. Make sure to purchase pre-owned AEDs that come with a multi-year warranty (such as ours).

Why Are previous AEDs Traded In?

There are a number of reasons why organisations trade in their AEDs. For instance:

  • Large organisations will sometimes trade in all of their AEDs to ensure that every facility has the same model. This enables the company to streamline its training and supply replenishment.
  • Customers will often trade in their AED for a model that better suits their needs. For example, a user may decide that they need an AED with built-in paediatric mode, or Wi-fi connectivity.

Our 7-Point AED Refurb Process 

When purchasing a refurbished AED, it’s important to understand the process from start to finish.

Restart The Heart use a thorough processes to ensure that each pre-owned AED leaves our warehouse in the same condition as when it originally left the factory.

  1. First, the unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.
  2. Visual inspection ensures AED is in acceptable cosmetic condition.
  3. AED is turned on to initiate self-test and must indicate rescue ready status.
  4. We equip the AED with new genuine OEM pads and a new genuine OEM battery, all of which have the maximum expiration length.
  5. We record and archive the expiration dates of the pads and batteries, ensuring that we’re able to provide you with 60- and 30-day expiration notifications when the time comes.
  6. We generate a service report which gets emailed to you after purchase.
  7. We meticulously pack and ship the AED to you.