Why Every Workplace Needs a Defibrillator: Facts to Know

A defibrillator is a life-saving small machine that gives a high-energy electric shock to the chest wall going to the heart to restore the heart's normal rhythm. It is an important device to have in the workplace as it can save the life of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest. If you're thinking of why you need one in your workplace, here are the many reasons you should get it immediately:

1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Can Happen to Anyone

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, regardless of age, gender, or health. In fact, nearly 57,000 Australians suffer from a heart attack each year.

2. Early Defibrillation Is Key

For someone in cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. In fact, for every minute that passes without defibrillation, the chance of survival decreases by 10%.

3. Defibrillators Are Easy to Use

Contrary to popular belief, defibrillators are easy to use and can be operated by anyone. Most defibrillators on the market today are fully automated, meaning they will automatically deliver the appropriate shock to the heart.

4. Having a Defibrillator in the Workplace Can Save Lives

Studies have shown that having a defibrillator in the workplace can significantly improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest. In one study, the presence of a defibrillator in the workplace was associated with a 69% increase in survival rates.

5. Workplaces Are Required to Have a Defibrillator in Some States

In some states, workplaces are required by law to have a defibrillator on site. These laws are often referred to as "Good Samaritan" laws and are designed to protect workplaces from liability if someone suffers from sudden cardiac arrest.

While having a defibrillator in the workplace is essential, it's also important to ensure that employees are properly trained in its use. Employees should be familiar with the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest and know how to operate the defibrillator.

If your workplace doesn't have a defibrillator, now is the time to get one. A defibrillator can be the difference between life and death in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Training Required to Use a Defibrillator

While defibrillators are designed to be easy to use, some training is still required to use one properly. Here is a look at the training required to use a defibrillator.

The first step is to ensure that the defibrillator is turned on and that the pads are properly connected. Once the defibrillator is turned on, you must apply the pads to the patient's bare chest. The pads have instructions on them, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Once the pads are in place, the defibrillator will analyse the patient's heart rhythm and determine if a shock is needed. If a shock is needed, the defibrillator will deliver the shock.

After the shock is delivered, the defibrillator will continue to monitor the patient's heart rhythm. If the patient's heart rhythm does not return to normal, another shock may be needed.

It is important to remember that defibrillators are only to be used in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. If you are unsure whether a shock is needed, it is always best to contact emergency medical services immediately.


Having a defibrillator in your workspace can be highly beneficial. Not only can it potentially save a life, but it can also give you and your employees peace of mind knowing there is a safety measure in place in case of an emergency. If you are considering investing in a defibrillator, be sure to do your research to find the right one for your needs.

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