Essential Things to Consider When Buying an AED: Our Guide

Are you planning to buy an automated external defibrillator (AED)? If your answer is yes, then this article will be the perfect guide for you. As you know, there’s a wide variety of AED available in the market. You may find it overwhelming when it comes to identifying which of them is the best one. 

So, when buying this first-aid device for your workplace, community, organisation or home, here are essential things you need to consider so that you can choose the best one among them:

1. Choose from a Well-Known Brand

Let’s admit it; AEDs are not really cheap. So, as much as possible, you should spend your money on something worth its price. When buying an automated external defibrillator, you should choose from a well-known brand so that you can guarantee that what you’re paying for is of high quality. 

When you consider the brand when you’re purchasing, you can have a higher level of confidence in the AED’s quality, after-sales support and warranty and continued supply of consumables going into the future. 

2. Consider Its Ease of Use

We all know that AEDs can dramatically increase survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest compared to CPR alone. However, if the unit is complicated to use, it cannot serve its purpose when an emergency arises. 

So, when you buy a unit, make sure that you consider its ease of use and operation. Otherwise, the emergency will escalate more quickly instead of acting as an effective first aid response.

3. Check If There Are Training Options Available

Another essential thing to consider when buying an AED is whether you will have access to training in using the device. Not all people know how to use an automated external defibrillator. You have to ensure that your staff or the people in your home have been trained to use the particular AED model, so you all know how to use it for an emergency. 

Before you pay for that unit, check if the retailer offers a training service or if you can access training elsewhere for that particular device. 

4. Consider Its Consumables

One common factor that most AED buyers don’t realise is that the consumables of automated external defibrillators can affect their running costs. As a result, they tend to buy a cheaper unit only to find out that when the price of the batteries and pads is factored in, it will actually be more costly than investing in expensive units. If you don’t want to experience the same case, consider the consumables when buying an AED unit. Make sure that its batteries and pads have a longer shelf life, so you won’t have to replace them from time to time. 

Also, consider how easy it will be to purchase your unit’s consumables. Make sure that you will be able to source its batteries and pads easily so that you can make the most out of your AED for a longer period. 


Looking for the best AED unit can be daunting. You have to put in so much effort just to have the best one. However, there’s no need to make it so complicated. You just have to keep these considerations in mind when buying an automated external defibrillator to ensure that the device will serve its purpose in case of an emergency. 

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