Philips Smart Pads' Best Features: Cartridge Size for Smart Pads

One of the best ways to invest for your family, business, or organisation is to purchase a Philips Heartstart AED defibrillator, either the onsite or home AED. However, many individuals are unaware 

The Philips HS1 Adult Smart Pad Cartridge is one of these essential accessories. This blog post will explain why it's critical to manage and replace adult smart pads before they expire with any AED machine, especially before the 24-month expiration date for Philips HeartStart Onsite AED pads.

Proven Results

In the United States, the Philips HeartStart Onsite AED is one of the most popular. With this wonderful rapid access to medical equipment, several lives have been saved from Sudden Cardiac Death.

Cardiac Arrest without Warning

Every year, 350,000 people outside hospitals experience abrupt cardiac arrest, with just half surviving with good neurological function. This is because Sudden Cardiac Arrest usually comes without any warning indications or symptoms.

The Survival Chain

The Chain of Survival lists the procedures rescuers or bystanders can take to help a person survive cardiac arrest. A comprehensive grasp of the five major survival linkages can help to lower mortality.

  • Cardiac Arrest Recognition and Emergency Response System Activation
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is required immediately (CPR)
  • AED for rapid defibrillation
  • Emergency Medical Services (Basic and Advanced)
  • Post-Cardiac Arrest Care and Advanced Life Support

Companies and organisations prioritise safety and train their personnel in the Chain of Survival. Training is the key to developing muscle and brain memory so that a first responder understands how to execute it even in a high-stress situation.

Access to More AEDs Saves Lives

Making this life-saving technology more accessible to the general people is a key aspect of boosting the number of AED saved. The Philips HS1 with Philips Heartstart AED pads are the most popular AED batteries and pads in the United States. 

Philips Smart Pads' Best Features

The Philips Heartstart smart pads are one of a kind since they are a patented substance that absorbs shocks and prevents them from being transmitted to the patient. This is especially crucial for Philips Heartstart AED defibrillator devices, which have been demonstrated to reduce noise during ICD shock administration by up to 60% in clinical testing.

Because of the SMART function, the child defib pads will be able to identify when they are not in use and turn off automatically.

One of the most crucial elements of the Smart Pads is the pad adhesives. These adhesives have been demonstrated to lessen skin reactions by at least threefold when put over sensitive areas.

Cartridge Size for Smart Pads

Because the Heartstart Adult Smart Pads are tiny and light, they are easy to store and transport. They are also water and dust-resistant due to their self-contained plastic housing. With an IP rating of 68, the Philips Heartstart HS1 AED can be utilised in various situations.

AED Pads

This crucial device is found on all AEDs and serves as the link between the AED and the SCA sufferer. Over the last five years, the technology for the gel that helps the modern electrode pad attach to the victim's skin has advanced and improved.


Replacement of your HeartStart OnSite SMART Pads is recommended after each rescue attempt or every two years to ensure two-year longevity. The SMART Pads have a minimum two-year shelf life. Because the gel used to connect the electrode pads to the victim's body comprises a very sophisticated substance, they must be replenished. After a long period of use, the pad will lose its stickiness but retain its electrical conductivity.

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