The Importance of Investing in AEDs for Your School

When the heart suddenly stops beating, that's called a sudden cardiac arrest. This is generally caused by ventricular fibrillation, which is an abnormality in the system that powers the heart. Your body no longer receives fresh oxygen through the blood when this happens. CPR is generally used to counter this to ensure oxygenated blood keeps flowing through the body to extend the victim's life.

Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere and even to anyone. Even kids in school can experience sudden cardiac arrest! This is where AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) comes in:

The Importance of AEDs in School

An AED is a device that delivers a shock to a patient's heart through two pads that are placed on the chest. The unit is a simple device that anyone can use and does not require any special training.

Since cardiac arrest can happen at any time, the best option is to get an AED in school to increase the chance of survival. The cost of having an AED in school is a small investment compared to what can be achieved by it. After all, you can't really place a price on life!

When it comes to installing AEDs around the school, the AED is a small device that is designed to be placed in any school's emergency station. It can be installed anywhere in the school as it is not bulky, unlike defibrillators found in hospitals. Also, unlike defibrillators, AEDs can be operated by everyone and do not require any special training to use them. Whether it be a young individual or an adult, minimal training is required to administer it.

Keep in mind that setting up the AED around the school isn't enough. There should also be CPR training on how to use it. This is to ensure that everyone who can operate the unit is adequately trained. AEDs are easy to use and only require a couple of minutes to get it installed. If a student suddenly experiences cardiac arrest, the person in charge of the school's emergency station can immediately access the AED and deliver the power to the victim.

That said, finding the right AED for your school can be a challenge. The most important thing is to get one that is durable and works properly. This should be stored in a safe part of the school and is not exposed to the elements. Even if the weather is hot, the AED should be kept in a cool and ventilated area.


An AED in school can be the difference between life and death. They help buy precious time for a victim to receive proper medical help. At the minimum, it can be used to stabilize a student's heartbeat and possibly extend their life. Implementing one in the school will help save lives and possibly gain a few hours for a patient to live, which can be enough to get the patient the help needed to fully recover from the ordeal. Once again, if you do not have AEDs in school yet, consider investing in them. While the chances of cardiac arrest are low, the chance is still always there. You wouldn't want to be in a situation where a student, a teacher, or essentially anyone else in your school ground is experiencing cardiac arrest, and you do not have AEDs at the ready! 

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