The Importance of a Defibrillator and How They Can Help You

Defibrillators are machines that not many people think about owning. However, these automated electronic defibrillators or AEDs can save your life or the lives of the people around you. Knowing what they can do for you, the question arises whether businesses or establishments should have one with them.

If you want to learn more about owning a defibrillator or the side effects of using one, then read on to learn more.

What is a Defibrillator?

An automated electronic defibrillator or AED is a machine that gives a shock to the heart to stop it from having quivering contractions, also known as fibrillation. It resets the heart back to normal functioning and saves the lives of people who may be suffering from cardiac arrests.

Regardless of the health of a person, a cardiac arrest can easily happen to anyone. This is why the AED is important and should be within reach at all times because it could be the point of potentially saving lives when it comes to a cardiac arrest.

Are Defibrillators Required by Law?

Despite its important role and how it can save lives, it is not legally required to be present outside of hospitals. As long as you are not in a medical center or hospital, then you are unlikely to find a defibrillator since they are not mandatory.

However, with the importance of defibrillators mentioned, you can see why some people would think it’s mandatory. There are now many campaigns and petitions by others to try and get it required by law to be present elsewhere, too.

What Are the Side Effects of Using a Defibrillator?

Having shocks to the heart does sound like it can be painful and harmful. This is why it may come as a surprise to hear that there are actually no side effects to using a defibrillator.

AEDs are machines designed to give shocks to the hearts safely to help restart them. This means that they are made to be used without any side effects at all, given that it was used correctly and in the right situation.

Should Our Business Have an AED?

Despite it not being common practice to have a defibrillator at your establishment, it is encouraged that you do so. As long as you have the resources to purchase one, having an AED is a good investment.

It is a good way to give average people the chance to help others during a cardiac arrest situation while waiting for medical professionals. An AED is quite easy to use and as long as the person is trained to operate it. It can be used by almost anyone.

Where Should We Keep Our AED?

The goal is to make it as accessible as possible, while also ensuring the AED is well taken care of. Try to place it in plain sight, where it can be easily seen or accessed in case of an emergency. Make sure there are no objects on it or blocking its way.


While it may seem like a ridiculous idea to have an AED around despite not being a medical facility, it can actually make a huge difference. If your resources allow it, try to own a defibrillator for your business to make it accessible for anyone.

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