Essential Annual AED Servicing: The Key to Maintaining Reliable, Life-Saving Equipment

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are indispensable, life-saving devices, crucial in increasing the survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims. Ensuring the ongoing reliability, functionality, and effectiveness of these devices requires diligent routine maintenance, including comprehensive annual servicing. As both AED owners and users, it is your responsibility to establish and adhere to stringent servicing schedules that guarantee these devices' readiness and efficiency during emergencies.

This blog post aims to provide practical insights into maintaining AEDs in optimal condition, discussing the significance of annual servicing and the components of an effective AED maintenance plan. Additionally, we will explore common service-related concerns and how to navigate them, ensuring AEDs are well-maintained and fully functional when called upon. Lastly, we will introduce Restart the Heart's professional AED servicing solutions, offering expert guidance and unwavering support to AED owners and customers.

The Importance of Annual AED Servicing

A Commitment to Responsiveness and Reliability

Regular AED servicing is essential for guaranteeing the readiness and effectiveness of these life-saving devices during emergencies. Here are four key reasons why annual AED servicing is a vital responsibility:

  1. Ensure Equipment Functionality: Annual servicing ensures that AEDs and their components are in proper working order, functioning optimally when called upon during SCA events.
  2. Comply with Manufacturer Guidelines: Most AED manufacturers stipulate regular servicing as a crucial aspect of optimal device performance. By adhering to these guidelines, you can maintain the highest standards of safety and efficacy for your equipment.
  3. Promote a Heart-Safe Environment: Demonstrating dedication to AED maintenance reinforces a safety-conscious culture within your organisation or community, potentially encouraging others to follow suit.
  4. Enhance Device Longevity: Consistent maintenance extends the operational lifespan of your AED equipment, providing peace of mind and significantly enhancing the return on your investment.

Elements of an Effective AED Maintenance Plan

Meticulous Management for Maximal Efficacy

A comprehensive annual AED maintenance plan should encompass the following key elements:

  1. Battery Replacement: AED batteries have a limited lifespan, typically lasting between four to five years. Regularly replacing these batteries, as recommended by the manufacturer, is crucial to maintaining device functionality and preparedness.
  2. Lead and Pad Checks: AED pads and leads can expire or degrade over time and require replacement. Implementing a schedule to inspect and replace expired components ensures optimal device performance during emergencies.
  3. Software Updates: Manufacturers periodically update AED software to incorporate the latest industry advancements and standards. Regularly updating your device's software is vital for maintaining accurate and efficient device operation.
  4. Visual Inspections: In addition to professional servicing, conducting routine visual inspections of your AED equipment can help identify potential issues, such as visible damage or mechanical malfunctions, which may require attention or support.

Common Service-Related Concerns

Effective Solutions for Ensuring AED Readiness

There are several common concerns that may arise during the annual AED servicing process. Addressing these effectively is crucial in maintaining equipment readiness for SCA emergencies:

  1. Battery and Pad Expiration: Ensure that AED batteries and pads are replaced as needed or upon reaching expiration dates. Make a routine schedule for checking these components and establishing a process for procuring replacement parts from a reliable supplier, like Restart the Heart.
  2. Device Recalibration: Regular recalibration of your AED equipment, as outlined by the manufacturer, helps guarantee optimal functionality and efficacy during life-saving events.
  3. Equipment Storage: Proper storage of your AED device, in a climate-controlled and readily accessible location, can help prevent premature degradation of components and ensure that the device is noticeable in emergencies.
  4. Record Keeping: Maintain a log of your annual AED servicing activities, including battery replacements, pad checks, software updates, and professional inspections. This log will serve as essential documentation for demonstrating regulatory compliance and overall AED maintenance diligence.

Restart the Heart's Expert AED Servicing Support

Professional Assistance for AED Maintenance Excellence

Restart the Heart understands the crucial importance of annual AED servicing in maintaining life-saving equipment in optimal condition. By partnering with Restart the Heart for your AED servicing needs, you can expect the following expert support:

  1. Comprehensive Inspections: Restart the Heart offers thorough equipment inspections to identify any issues with your AED device, addressing potential concerns and ensuring ongoing reliability.
  2. Expert Guidance: Through their extensive product knowledge and industry experience, Restart the Heart can offer invaluable advice and assistance for managing your AED maintenance program, addressing service-related concerns and striving for maintenance excellence.
  3. Genuine Replacement Parts: As a trusted supplier of AED equipment, Restart the Heart offers genuine AED batteries and pads, ensuring your device is equipped with quality, compliant components.
  4. Customer Care: Restart the Heart is dedicated to providing unwavering customer support throughout the AED lifecycle, offering assistance for all your servicing needs and ensuring confidence in your equipment's readiness and efficacy.


Annual AED servicing is a crucial responsibility for ensuring the readiness, reliability, and effectiveness of your life-saving equipment. By implementing an effective AED maintenance plan and addressing common service-related concerns, you can foster a heart-safe environment and demonstrate a commitment to public welfare.

Partnering with Restart the Heart for your annual AED maintenance needs is a smart choice for maintaining your equipment in optimal condition. Their expert guidance, comprehensive inspections, and top-quality replacement parts allow you to focus on fostering a heart-safe culture with confidence in your AED equipment's preparedness and performance.

Ensure your AED equipment is ready for life-saving action by partnering with Restart the Heart for annual servicing needs. Contact us today to discuss our expert AED servicing support and learn how we can help you maintain reliable, effective equipment.