Did You Know Refurbished Medical Equipment Is Beneficial?

Automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, are portable devices that provide life-saving treatment to people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest or SCA. During SCA, the heart unexpectedly stops beating. Did you know that AEDs can be refurbished? Pre-owned ones can be as dependable and have the same quality as new ones, at a more affordable rate.

Why Do AEDs Get Traded In?

Organisations trade in their AEDs for several reasons, including but not limited to:

Customers can trade in AEDs for a model that will better meet whatever they need at the time. Some people prefer AEDs with wi-fi connectivity. Others may have a need to get a paediatric one.

A key reason big organisations trade in AEDs is that they want to make sure the same model is used across their facilities. Trading them in will go a long way in streamlining their supply replenishment and overall training.

The AED Refurbishment Process

The process of refurbishing an AED is quite thorough and takes the following steps:

  1. Thorough cleaning and sanitation of the unit.
  2. Visual inspection to show that AED is a cosmetic condition. 
  3. Turning on the AED for the self-test to initiate. (Rescue ready status has to be indicated.)
  4. AED gets equipped with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) pads and an OEM battery that are both genuine and new.
  5. Recording and archiving of batteries and pads' expiration dates.
  6. A service report is generated.
  7. AED packing and shipping.

What Makes Refurbished Medical Equipment So Beneficial?

Many people who buy medical equipment are generally shocked to discover that they can choose to buy refurbished AEDs. Understandably, most people insist on making purchases in the context of them being brand new. However, there are plenty of benefits that come with refurbished AEDs being purchased and used!

1. AEDs That Were Refurbished Are More Affordable

Refurbished AEDs cost up to half as much as the new machines because they are sold to small medical practices, local businesses, and schools. More often than not, these businesses and schools can't afford to purchase new machines that can cost as much as $1,000 each. It's also a great way to get an AED on the higher end, which would normally be outside the oft-limited scope of equipment budgets.

Instead of getting a bare-bones model just so a requirement is fulfilled, refurbished AEDs allow for fully-automated functions to be included alongside free carrying cases and cabinets.

2. AEDs That Were Refurbished Work the Same Way

Before they're put up for sale, AEDs that are refurbished go through a rigorous testing process. A lot of the time, they were traded in or given up without actually being used for emergencies. All devices get tested in terms of function and get new electrodes and batteries.

This means that there is no compromise in the function or quality compared to buying a new one. Most refurbished AEDs also come with a one-year extended warranty, which is a huge plus.


AEDs are crucial pieces of medical equipment that often cost quite a lot brand new. The good news is, refurbished ones work just as well at a lesser cost. Refurbished AEDs go through an intense process that includes cleaning and thorough testing.

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