AEDs in the Workplace: Creating a Heart-Safe Environment for Employees

A heart-safe work environment plays a crucial role in protecting employee well-being and promoting preparedness for emergencies, such as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). With SCAs occurring outside of hospital settings in numerous instances, integrating automated external defibrillators (AEDs) into workplace safety plans becomes paramount in ensuring prompt and effective response during an SCA event. 

AEDs are life-saving devices that can detect an irregular heartbeat and deliver a shock, potentially restoring a regular rhythm during an SCA. Timely access to AEDs, coupled with effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), can significantly improve survival rates and reduce the risk of long-term complications for SCA victims.

This blog aims to serve as a valuable guide for businesses interested in creating heart-safe work environments for their employees, covering the benefits of AEDs in the workplace and the essential steps to establish an effective AED program. Additionally, we will highlight the comprehensive support provided by Restart the Heart, a trusted Australian defibrillator supplier, empowering businesses to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees through heart-safe practices. 

By understanding the importance of AEDs in the workplace and implementing appropriate protocols, businesses can contribute to a safer, healthier, and more caring work environment.

Workplace Safety: Establishing a Heart-Safe Environment with AEDs

Benefits of AEDs in the Workplace

Enhancing Safety and Well-Being

Incorporating AEDs into the workplace not only enhances overall safety and preparedness but also brings several additional benefits:

  1. Improved Employee Well-being: An environment equipped with life-saving AEDs demonstrates a genuine commitment to employee safety, fostering a sense of well-being and assurance.
  2. Increased Preparedness: AED devices ensure that employees are well-prepared to handle emergency situations, as timely access to AEDs can play a crucial role in saving lives during SCA incidents.
  3. Compliance with Standards and Guidelines: Proper implementation and maintenance of AED devices assist in complying with Australian workplace health and safety guidelines, fulfilling the business’s legal and ethical responsibilities.
  4. Enhanced Brand Reputation: Establishing a heart-safe workplace can enhance a company's reputation, signalling a commitment to employee welfare and responsible business practices.

Steps for Establishing a Workplace AED Program

Creating a Comprehensive and Effective Plan

To develop and maintain a successful AED program in your workplace, consider the following essential steps:

  1. Select the Right AED Device: Work with an experienced AED supplier like Restart the Heart to choose a device that is user-friendly, meets your company's specific needs and follows Australian standards and guidelines.
  2. Provide Training for Employees: Schedule certified AED and CPR training sessions for employees, ensuring that a skilled workforce is capable of confidently managing SCA emergencies.
  3. Strategically Place AEDs: Install AED devices in accessible and visible locations across the workplace, ensuring prompt access in the event of an SCA emergency.
  4. Regular Maintenance and Monitoring: Develop a routine maintenance schedule for AED devices, checking battery life, pad expiry dates, and performing software updates as needed to ensure consistent functionality.

Restart the Heart's Expert Support

Guidance and Services for Heart-Safe Workplaces

Restart the Heart is dedicated to helping businesses create heart-safe environments by offering a range of expert services and support:

  1. Expert AED Selection Assistance: Restart the Heart can provide guidance on choosing the most suitable AED device for your workplace, with an emphasis on user-friendliness, specific requirements, and Australian compliance.
  2. Customised AED and CPR Training: By partnering with Restart the Heart, businesses can offer certified AED and CPR training to their employees, fostering a heart-safe culture and equipping staff with life-saving skills.
  3. Ongoing AED Support: Restart the Heart provides consistent support in AED management, including servicing, pads and battery replacements, and general guidance for businesses throughout the AED program lifecycle.
  4. Reliable Customer Care: Businesses can count on Restart the Heart's unwavering support for workplace AED programs, ensuring optimal heart-safe environments for employees and visitors.

Promoting a Heart-Safe Culture in the Workplace

Awareness and Preparedness for All

Beyond establishing a comprehensive AED program, fostering a heart-safe culture in the workplace requires a collective effort from both management and employees. This mindset includes educating staff about the importance of AEDs, recognising SCA signs and symptoms, and knowing how to respond during an emergency. Ensuring that employees are aware of AED locations and providing ongoing training opportunities empowers them to take prompt action during times of crisis, projecting a caring and supportive work environment.


As businesses strive to provide a safe and nurturing work environment, prioritising the integration of AEDs into their workplace safety plans is essential. With proactive planning, comprehensive training, and strategic placement, a heart-safe workplace becomes an attainable reality, enhancing overall safety and well-being.

By collaborating with Restart the Heart, businesses can access expert guidance, a comprehensive range of AED products and services, and unwavering support in establishing a heart-safe work environment. In doing so, businesses demonstrate a commitment to protecting their employees, contributing to a more caring and prepared workforce.

Strengthen the safety and well-being of your employees by integrating an AED program into your workplace. Contact Restart the Heart today to discover our range of AED products and services, and let us guide you in creating a heart-safe environment for your staff.