AEDs in Sporting Environment – Creating Heart-Safe Sports Clubs

Sports clubs and events provide countless opportunities for people to engage in physical activity, build camaraderie, and develop their athletic skills. These environments bring joy and fulfilment to many athletes and enthusiasts alike, but the intense physical exertion inherent to sports activities also comes with an increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Undiagnosed medical conditions, pre-existing heart problems, or extreme physical stress may lead to SCA in active individuals, underlining the importance of creating heart-safe sporting environments.

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are pivotal tools for addressing SCA incidents, as they can reset a victim's heart rhythm during an emergency, effectively increasing the chances of survival. It is crucial for sports clubs and event organisers to integrate AEDs into their safety and emergency response plans, ensuring that the well-being of athletes, staff, and spectators is prioritised during SCA occurrences.

This blog aims to guide sports clubs and event organisers on integrating AEDs into their health and safety protocols, emphasising the importance of AED training and swift response during SCA events. We will delve into the essential steps for establishing a heart-safe sporting environment and demonstrate the support provided by Restart the Heart, a trusted Australian defibrillator supplier dedicated to assisting sports clubs and organisers in developing comprehensive AED programs tailored to their needs.

Heart-Safe Sports Clubs: Integrating AEDs for Athlete Safety and Well-being

SCA Risks in Sports Clubs and Events

Understanding the Dangers and Ensuring Preparedness

While sports activities offer numerous health benefits and opportunities for personal growth, it is crucial to recognise the increased risk of SCA for athletes. Numerous factors contribute to SCA risks in athletic settings, including:

  1. Undiagnosed Medical Conditions: Athletes may unknowingly have congenital heart abnormalities or medical conditions which can ultimately lead to SCA during intense physical activity.
  2. Pre-Existing Heart Problems: Athletes with known heart issues may experience worsening symptoms or increased SCA risk due to high stress and physical exertion during sports activities.
  3. Intense Physical Activity: Strenuous exercise can induce SCA even in seemingly healthy individuals, particularly if they are overexerting themselves.

Given these risks, ensuring heart-safe sports clubs and events is of paramount importance, with AEDs acting as crucial life-saving tools in times of need.

Essential Steps for a Heart-Safe Sports Club

Creating a Proactive and Prepared Environment

To develop a heart-safe sporting environment, sports club managers and event organisers should take the following essential steps:

  1. Choose the Right AED: Collaborate with an experienced AED supplier, such as Restart the Heart, to select a device that is user-friendly, suitable for the club’s specific requirements, and compliant with Australian standards.
  2. Train Coaches and Staff: Schedule certified AED and CPR training sessions for all coaches and support staff, empowering them with the necessary skills and confidence to respond during SCA emergencies and fostering a heart-safe culture across the club.
  3. Strategically Deploy AEDs: Install AEDs in easily accessible and visible locations within the sports club premises, ensuring that both indoor and outdoor venues are adequately equipped to handle emergencies.
  4. Maintain AED Equipment: Develop routine maintenance plans for all AED devices, tracking battery life and pad expiry dates, and performing software updates as needed to ensure consistent device functionality.

Restart the Heart and Heart-Safe Sporting Environments

Expert Support for Your Club's AED Program

Restart the Heart is steadfast in its commitment to helping sports clubs and organisers create heart-safe venues by offering unparalleled support and guidance:

  1. Expert AED Selection Assistance: Restart the Heart's comprehensive product knowledge and experience enable them to help sports clubs determine the most suitable AED device for their specific needs and Australian standards compliance.
  2. Tailored AED and CPR Training: In collaboration with Restart the Heart, sports clubs can provide certified AED and CPR training sessions to their coaches and support staff, bolstering their heart-safe culture and ensuring staff competence during emergencies.
  3. Ongoing AED Support: Restart the Heart's continued assistance extends to all aspects of AED management, including device servicing, pads and batteries supply, and providing guidance throughout the AED program lifecycle.
  4. Reliable Customer Care: Sports clubs can depend on Restart the Heart to provide unwavering support, ensuring the creation and maintenance of their heart-safe sport environment without compromising the club's standard of excellence.

Promoting Heart-Safe Awareness in Sports Events

Raising Awareness and Empowering Communities

Aside from establishing an effective AED program, sports clubs and event organisers should also actively promote heart-safe awareness within their community. This includes educating athletes, staff, and spectators about the importance of AEDs, as well as signs and symptoms of SCA. Sports clubs and organisers should ensure their communities are aware of the AED locations at their venue, encouraging informed and cooperative efforts during emergencies.


As sports clubs and event organisers strive to balance the pursuit of athletic excellence with the well-being of their athletes, staff, and spectators, it is paramount to acknowledge the importance of creating heart-safe environments. By integrating AED devices, providing training, and ensuring device accessibility, sports clubs can cultivate proactive and prepared communities capable of navigating SCA emergencies.

Through partnership with Restart the Heart, sports clubs gain access to expert guidance, quality products, and ongoing support, ensuring the seamless establishment of their AED programs and heart-safe practices. Together, we can continue to foster healthy, heart-safe sporting environments across Australia.

Prioritise the safety of your athletes and spectators with an AED program tailored to your sports club's needs. Explore Restart the Heart's range of premium AED products and services, and contact us today for expert guidance and support in establishing a heart-safe sporting environment.